Monday , December 18 2017
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How To Install Turbo Pascal On Your Android Smartphone

What is Turbo Pascacal ?Turbo Pascal is one of the oldest Pascal which was actually made for the DOS computer systems. This is although the oldest Pascal eventually it is used mostly by the people. As stated above that this one is meant only for the computer devices running DOS, …

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Simple Way On HOW To Use Google As Proxy Servers

Internet usage is exponentially increasing day by day. Along with the increase in the number of users and devices connected to the internet, security concerns are also increasing. As the internet is free of any law, and people are free to do whatever they want on the internet, most governments …

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10 Best Games For Windows Phone 2017

Windows is a popular OS platform for smartphones and computers. Windows phones provide an amazing platform for playing games with its rich hardware support. People like to play Games for passing their free time. Microsoft Store provides Games in many different categories like Racing, Sports, Adventure, Shooting, puzzle etc. Windows …

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Google Wifi Launched In France

Google Wifi Launched In France And Germany Google posted a teaser GIF about upcoming product availability on their French Google+ page. The meaning of the image wasn’t entirely clear since it’s just an animation of some buildings growing out of the ground, as a bubble in the center reflects waves around. …

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